My Happy Place Postcard

The goal was to design a postcard representative of my “happy place” sticking to USPS restrictions. I chose to illustrate a picture that I took on a day with my friends at Tulum Beach. I hold this place very close to my heart and wanted to illustrate the peaceful feeling I experience being there.

Roles: Illustrator, Designer

Happy Place Postcard

First Iteration

When I originally started this project, I had barely illustrated before, which is why I instead used the image and edited it. Not only was this original rendition a lot busier, but it also did not comply with USPS standards. 


Final Iteration

When it came to revising my original version, I decided to go a more minimalistic route. Drawing inspiration from David Hockney's style, I illustrated a completely new version of my postcard. Furthermore, I fixed the back, following USPS restrictions of formatting, space, and function.

Happy Place Postcard

The Original Image

Although the original picture I took had a lot of people in it, I wanted to represent the way I feel whenever I'm on that beach. Any time I'm there, I feel free, as if no one is there to see me. 

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