Jazz Icons Stamps

A project aimed to push design skills to work within tight restraints by creating an original USPS stamp series and pane focused on honoring an experience different from my own. My idea for this project was to do illustrations of 4 Black musicians, narrowing in on the jazz genre and the impact they’ve had on music.

Roles: Researcher, Writer, Illustrator, Designer


The Process

I started with sketching out a *very* rough idea of what I wanted each stamp to look like after doing some research on each musician. Using reference images to base my illustrations off of, as well as to color pick elements for accuracy, I went to Adobe Illustrator. Once I finished illustrating, I worked on the typography, which went through a few iterations until it got to a good spot. I ran into these issues with the typography because of the small dimensions of the stamps, and had to ensure they would be legible.


Final Product

As part of the final product, I made a stamp pane containing a set of 16 stamps laid out on a 5.5x8.5in sheet with a written description of the series itself.

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