Pawlish Brand

The goal was to create a product and develop its brand identity consisting of a logo, pattern, stationery elements, packaging, etc. For my concept, I dove into the playful market of dogs and dog owners. The idea was to create a nail polish product for dogs after hearing about and researching that many dogs have brittle nails. In the end, Pawlish helped solve the problem in a very fun way.

Roles: Logo creation, Illustration, Layout, Design

Pawlish Stationery

Along with stationery and packaging, a part of the project was to create brand guidelines for the product. These guidelines involve setting the standards for the brand, like the logo use, colors, typography, and other consistent patterns and specifications.

Pawlish Guidelines-Page
Pawlish Guidelines-Page3
Pawlish Guidelines-Page5
Pawlish Guidelines-Page7
Pawlish Guidelines-Page9
Pawlish Guidelines-Page2
Pawlish Guidelines-Page4
Pawlish Guidelines-Page6
Pawlish Guidelines-Page8
Pawlish Guidelines-Page10
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