Brand Identity

The goal was to create a personal brand identity consisting of a logo, pattern, stationery elements, and social media posts representative of me as a human and as a designer.

Roles: Illustrator, Writer, Designer


The Logo

From sketching my logo, to accurately digitizing, to picking a good set of colors, it all proved challenging. After a lot of trial and error of condensing all of who I am into a small logo, I landed on this locked up version of my initials. Because I identify myself as Alex Ryberg Gonzalez, accounting for the three letter over two was difficult, which is why I ultimately chose to use the letterforms to my advantage and bring the 'r' and 'g' together.

PROCESS_PB_Logo Sketch1
PROCESS_PB_Logo Sketch2
PROCESS_PB_Logo Sketch3

The System

In order to create a functional system, I applied my colors, logo, pattern, and tagline to different elements, laying them out in a powerfully simple format. Along with that, I designed social media posts to be part of my social media campaign.

Brand Identity
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